Is PPC Ads Model The Right Choice For Your Business?

Is PPC Ads Model The Right Choice For Your Business?

Not one, two, three, or four methods. When it comes to digital marketing, there are just so many steps to get your business out there. And choices are always good, right? Not really.

Because choices happen to breed confusion! At times, you can’t help but wish to be led straight to the best option. At times, you just wouldn’t want to wander around.

Well, instead of “wandering around”, we’ll cut to the chase here–PPC Ads (Pay Per Click Ads). It’s one of the many (many) options you have under digital marketing. You must have heard of it from somewhere, right? Maybe your friends, colleagues, websites, or it may have randomly flown into your radar. Either way, you’re now striking up a business, and you’re sitting there going– “Is the PPC model for me? Do I stand to benefit from it?”

*Raises hand*

We have the answer! The one thing we always suggest businesses do is to look into themselves. The best digital marketing strategy always depends on the way your brand is structured. Now what exactly to look for? That’s where we come in. Are the stars aligned for you to profit from PPC ads? Here’s how you know-

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When your business needs instant gains

SEO is great.

It’s really great.

But SEO is also slow. It takes time to bear fruits. You might have lined up a good SEO strategy. And are you just supposed to wait till good things start rolling in?

No! Bring in something with instant benefits; bring in PPC. These ads are of a “plug and play” type. With little to no waiting, you can generate relevant traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

And no, we aren’t just throwing around false promises. As soon as you bid your keyword and get it approved, your ads will begin popping up across several web pages–just seconds away from getting clicked. Great deal, huh?

People love quick results. And this is one of the factors that makes PPC so beloved among business owners. This brings us to the next point-

When you’re promoting time-sensitive offers

The holiday season is here! And you’ve got great offers to make and gifts to give away. You have mentioned it on your website–with SEO and everything. So, maybe it’ll reach your users in a year or so.


This is yet another situation where the “quickness” of PPC ads comes to play. If your brand constantly produces deals that are relevant only for specific durations, you’ll have to ride the PPC wave.

No explanation required here.

When you wish to laser-target your audience

You don’t speak to your neighbors by broadcasting the message on TV, do you?

Some businesses might have a very specific audience in mind. Maybe a specific age group or locality. Their service must reach this audience whether or not it manages to reach an individual 1000 miles away. Yes, local SEO might lend you a hand in this. But again, the issue of “quickness” remains.

And again–enter PPC.

Gender brackets, age groups, marital status, income bracket, or level of education. There are PPC platforms that allow you to target each of them, specifically. There also are platforms that help you reach an audience with a specific hobby!

Ppc audience
So, yes. If you’ve got a specific bracket in mind for your business, your PPC experience is going to be great. There also are several PPC companies in Vadodara bent on ensuring the same.
When no one would look for your service

Have you ever googled “Legless chair”? No. Because you don’t even know such a thing exists. And that’s bad news for people who are in fact handing out legless chairs.

We know businesses that come up with ideas that are brand new. And when they’re brand new, how would users look it up? They won’t. They might not even know they need it.

In such cases, an SEO website with optimized keywords and everything is simply pointless. Your website isn’t expecting any keyword traffic. Here, you’d need your services to reach people whether or not they look it up, and that’s where PPC ad models help you. At KickStart Solutions, we consider this situation to be among the ideal ones for PPC ads.

Also, it helps when you launch products that other companies have a monopoly over. Whether or not someone looks up your services instead of theirs, your ads will make it to their fingertips.

What we’re trying to say

One thing and one thing only- What are your needs? That’s what matters.

If you’re stuck in a PPC pickle, simply take note of the things we’ve mentioned. And you’re golden.

Also, “the best digital marketing strategy” doesn’t exist. We believe it comes down to what’s best for you. And it is to help you find out the same, that we’ve written this blog. For you to know whether or not your business is cut out for PPC.

And SEO need not go anywhere! It’s still important. There’s zero harm in letting both of them tag along. If you’ve got queries on the matter, we aren’t going anywhere either. Just contact us, and we’ll set things straight for you.

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