Advantages of Android Application

Advantages of Android Application

An app’s applicability is quite undeniable at this point. It’s no longer even a matter of choice. Whether you’re a developer or a user, “an app” has become a key to superior services. But for businesses, there’s another burning question down this road. Which platform to opt for? Android, IOS, Web; the choices are diverse. Which stage is one to step on?

Here’s the thing.

It comes down to the “you factor”. As a developer, what’s your business structure? What would your users demand? What are their needs? So, it’s not really about the best, but the best for you.

Here, we’ve tried to lend you a helping hand. To aid you in making an informed decision. We’ve listed the central features that lead Android into becoming the global choice among developers today. Do these factors sound like something you’d want for your business?  Scroll through the three central benefits that your business can procure, by going for Android.

  1. Superior Reach
    • 72% global users
    • Multiple devices and Markets
  1. Quick design and a Quicker redesign
    • Quick development and deployment
    • Fast and Flexible customization
  1. The Right reductions
    • Reduced resources
    • Reduced investments


72% of global users are on Android. Read that again

Businesses use apps for several reasons. Enhancing the reach of their services is a major one, is it not? Android is the most sensible road to just that.

To state the stats again, just because it’s oh so significant, over 72% of your users are on android. Tap into them! An Android application created and marketed the right way would mean converting this huge populace into buyers of your product or service.

Not one market or two, But Many.

Since the game is all about superior reach, it’s worth noting that an Android app could place your business across multiple devices and markets. Your average user is not a fan of restrictions. May it be Play Store on a Tablet or on a Smartphone, Mi Store on a Tablet, or Galaxy Store on Samsung; pick a combo. An Android app is built to adjust and provide.


Android apps mean Quick development and deployment

Because it’s not only about the quality, is it. In this fast-paced world, it also comes down to the quickness and efficiency of your services. While launching an IOS app into the App store may take up to a week, Android apps can be made to go live in a matter of hours. This factor of speed is not to be taken lightly. The efficiency of your business processes might make all the difference.

Fast and Flexible customization

What good is anything, if it can’t be made better? Android apps are built to be easily customizable and updated. Plus, if your business holds certain existing software or programs that you wish to migrate, Android platforms ensure the safest possible migration of your database. 


Reduced resources

The technological tools required for Android app development, are relatively limited. They’re primarily designed using the base language of Java. So naturally, it will not take long, nor will it take much, for your business to get hold of expert application developers. Almost everyone in the field would be familiar with operating java, and you can spend your money on other areas of urgency, instead of on their training.

Reduced investments

Apart from the point previously mentioned, Android provides your business with free software development tools like IDE Android development studio. So, here’s to slashing your development and licensing expenses too.

DON’T GO DIY- Why KickStart

There are two sides to this massive availability of developers. If not paid attention to, your business might end up with an inexperienced team. So, focus! It’s important to hire a team of developers who know what they’re doing. the assurance we provide for the quality of our services comes from our 7-year experience of working with global firms.

A team of certified Application developers
Reasons to Build an Android Application for your Business
1 year of Guaranteed maintenance and support
24 hours TAT on Bug/Error fixing
Flexible payment terms
Fully transparent terms and conditions


Depending on your business requirements, either one of these can be put to use.

Generally, when it comes to Android applications, Kotlin might provide more features than Java does.

Here, we sit through a significant process of discussion with our clients, where we learn as much as we can about their business and its requirements. It’s only after commercial and demographic analysis, that we begin framing the application.
Yes, of course. We make sure we sit with our clients and discuss their demands. As a team of IT experts, it will be our job to fill you in further regarding the potential of your designed layout. If it seems to fit perfectly with your business needs, we'll start working with them right away.
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