Deciding to get an iOS app for your business is quite a great choice. From an increased reach to an elevated brand value, there are many benefits attached to the same.


These benefits can be assured only if it’s done right, and is done by a team that knows what it’s doing. Building an app for your business on any platform, requires some serious thought and consideration. When it comes to choosing your IOS app development company, there are many boxes to tick off, and we’ve written this blog to aid in the same.

When does your business need an app? When is iOS the ideal choice, and what to keep in mind while hiring a company for all this? From these questions to many more, we’ve mentioned every detail you’ll ever need for going ahead with your decision. Read ahead, stay informed, and make the jump.

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Quick Guide
  1. When to build an app for your business?
    • If it has the features for a phone
    • If you have a loyal consumer-base
    • If your business has interactive content
  2. When to go for iOS as the platform?
    • If you have a niche audience
    • If you have a tight budget and time-frame
    • If yours is an enterprise market
    • If you intend to monetize your apps
  3. How to choose the right team of iOS app developers?
    • Conducting a background check
    • They must have a body of relevant knowledge
    • Must have a specialized team
    • They must maintain a long-term bond
To App or not to App?

That’s the first question. Not every business stands to avail equal benefits from an app. At least not at every stage. So, ask yourself if you need it. Below, we’ve mentioned three central pointers to help you understand when your brand might call for an app.

  • If your business has what it takes to make use of a smartphone’s features.

From camera to GPS capabilities, smartphones house several features that are unique to them. Make sure your brand provides services that use these features.

  • If your business has an existing loyal consumer-base.

Brands with a significant following, might really benefit from mobile apps. An app is an incredible change, and your users are likely to migrate in large numbers.

  • If your business has a good amount of interactive content.

Interactive and user-friendly content require an app to bloom in full swing. If your business sports the same, an App might be incredibly worthwhile.

When to get an iOS App?

Okay, you’ve decided that your brand stands to benefit significantly from a mobile app. But what about the platform? We won’t suggest you take a wild guess here. It’s not just “the best” platform that a brand requires, but a platform that’s best for it.

Below, we’ve mentioned four scenarios where your business might need to go Apple over Android.  

  • When your target user belongs in a specific, elite group instead of a global audience.

Android has a far more global usage, while iOS seeks out more of a niche market. Go for the one you need.

  • When your budget & time-frame is tighter.

iOS app development is relatively cheaper, and far less time-consuming than Android app development.

  • If yours is an enterprise market, demanding close-ended & secure apps, instead of largely flexible ones.

Android apps are open-source, and are thus far more flexible. Although, this translates to an increased vulnerability to malware attacks. Weigh the risks, and choose right.

  • If you intend to monetize your apps (without ads).

Apple users are more likely to make in-app purchases. For a perspective, Apple App store makes twice the revenue of Google Play store.

Ios application development
Choosing your iPhone app development company

The burning questions-

  1. Have you conducted the obvious background check?

We’ll assume that you wouldn’t be hiring a team of iOS app developers without looking up their details. We’ll still be mentioning it considering how important it is to do so.

What’s their background? What’s their portfolio like? What’s the general consensus on their services? Any specific review that got your attention? There are several things you have to stay aware of, in order to get a grasp on their reputation within the industry.

When it comes to conducting a background check, here’s a general outline of the details you are to keep a track on-

  • The years of experience in the field
  • The size of their employee-base
  • Their portfolio and location
  • The year it was founded
  • Ratings and reviews

These details will aid you in understanding quite some bit on the reputation of the company you have in mind.

  1. Does the company have a legit body of knowledge?

The development of IOS apps is a complicated process. The last thing you’d want, is a team of app developers are “good enough.” We suggest you make your screening process a bit rigid here.

The team you intend to work with, must have a deep and reliable body of technical knowledge in the field. The developers are to be aware of iOS technologies, Swift development, and frameworks like XCode, Objective C, and Cocoa framework.

Not only does it come down to “technical” knowledge, but the team must also have a relevant body of experience backing up its knowledge. Only a company that’s fluent in its usage of iOS technologies under practical settings, would know the optimum way of elevating your app to newer heights.

  1. Does it have a specialized team for the task?

iOS app development is an extensive process, and we do not think a mere “umbrella team” can be trusted to do it right. We suggest you make sure the company houses a specialized team for iOS application development. The entire process demands a dedicated effort, in order to develop an iOS app that functions the way you want it to.

  1. Will they “hit and run”? Or are they here to stay?

Please make sure that the company you work with, are offering to maintain a long-term bond. Building an iOS app or any app for that matter, requires constant dedication and long-term co-operation. They must be willing to take their time.

Also, this isn’t a thing to be done and dusted. Apps require constant maintenance/security checks, and the team of developers must be willing to keep a watchful eye on your app’s post-deployment performance.

To conclude
  • Decide whether you do need an app
  • Make sure it’s an iOS app that you need
  • Conduct a sensible screening of the iOS application development companies.

Just do not take this lightly. When it comes to your business, every step is crucial, and is to be carried with the utmost dedication. And the team you decide to work with, must be one that shares this passion that you have. To help you point at one, KickStart Solutions offers everything you’d need to develop a full-fledged and an efficient iOS app. We are willing listen to your goals, to have an in-depth discussion, and to create an iOS app that serves your need in the best of ways.

Either way, we suggest you do your research. It’s of utmost necessity, and that’s just what this blog has been written to help you in.

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