Important Pointers to Create the Perfect Mobile Friendly Website!

Important Pointers to Create the Perfect Mobile Friendly Website!

Hey there! Are you running a business? If you are, here’s our guess on one of the biggest priorities you’d have- Improving the reach of your services in the digital world. Yes, it’s kind of an obvious guess. Because exploring new areas and expanding the market is key to just about every business in the world. Yet, there is something that several businesses miss out on. And that’s capitalizing on the mobile world.  

If your websites and online services are not optimized to be mobile-friendly, you are missing out on a huge share of the market pie. Because the number of mobile users around the world is vast! Think about one of the first things you might be doing in the morning. It’s checking your phone. Speaking for a vast majority of your audience, quite a significant portion of their interactions is centered around their phones. So, making your services mobile-friendly has to be right at the top of your to-do list.  

Now, what are the steps to ensure the perfect mobile-friendly website? We’re writing this blog to walk you through this. What exactly is the importance of optimizing your content for mobiles? What are the ways to do so? What to do and what not to do? Just read ahead–and dive right into it-

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Mobile optimization
The importance of mobile optimization

It is just like we said–the mobile market is a bit too huge to be ignored. And even today as we write this, mobile web traffic is slowly beginning to outperform desktop traffic. 

And fun fact! Over 85% of the top landing pages today are mobile-friendly websites. That’s quite telling. For every business looking to widen its market and audience, mobile optimization has become a must. 

Now, here are some tips from our side–for you to create the perfect mobile-friendly website-

Create landing pages specifically for mobiles

Have you seen those websites that go crazy when opened on phones? The texts are all in disarray, the CTAs are misaligned, and the website is all over the place. Please don’t let that be you. 

Every user seeks out a great UI. If your website just doesn’t “feel” smooth, responsive, and professional, people will simply log off. A good way to avoid this is to create different landing pages for mobile UIs.  Don’t just copy-paste your content from the desktop landing pages. Many developers simply try to “squeeze” the existing landing page into smaller screens–and call it mobile optimization. This is what causes the “messed up” websites that we mentioned before. 

Let’s not do that. Take your time, and show that you care. Remember that your mobile audience requires a good user experience. Build separate landing pages that are optimized specifically for phones, tablets, or other small screens. This little step can gift you higher conversion rates and a loyal audience. 

03 website
Single column layouts are the best

Mobile users just love to scroll. Everything is right where it needs to be, and all it takes is a little flick of the thumb. 

If you take a look at every social media app on your phone–may it be Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook, there are no multiple columns at play. It’s one column per page and navigation involves just a simple scrolling motion. A single column features images, videos, and whatnot. This is something you can mimic while creating landing pages for phones. 

Once again, this is about ensuring a great user experience for your audience. No one would enjoy swiping to the sides and scrolling down at the same time. Everything is convenient when your content is within a single vertical layout, and easy to navigate. 

Keep it simple

When creating landing pages for mobiles, the goal is to keep it simple and engaging. Not complex and distracting. More often than not, mobile users will be looking for quick and clear solutions. And if the landing page is filled with texts or an overwhelming number of visuals, they’ll simply log off. 

So, make sure you’ve got great headlines. It must be precise and catchy enough to get the attention of a user. And everything that follows the headline, has to be straight to the point, short, and engaging. Use bullet points, short sentences, and catchy phrases. Don’t be afraid of being creative! Once a user enters the landing page, your content can make them stay. 

And coming to the visuals–make sure you have enough white spaces. An overhaul of visuals on a tiny mobile screen might get messy. Also, they might distract the user from your CTAs! Even here, being simple is the rule. Use less, but contrasting visuals–and let them be powerful

Reduce those load times!

One of the biggest factors about phones is their ease of usage. And when we create websites for mobiles, we must make sure we add to this ease. And the one thing that makes navigation super convenient–is quick loading speeds. 

Your users do not prefer to wait. Especially when they are looking you up on their mobiles for some quick results. If your landing page is taking over 3-4 seconds to load, the average user will be quick to bounce. So, we’d suggest you get in touch with a legit team of developers to create your websites. Optimizing your mobile landing pages, putting “light” themes to use, and ensuring efficient loading speeds can be the key to improving your conversion rates.

Ensure easy navigation

And once again, it comes down to making this easier for the users. Some websites simply do not have a direction. There’s some information here, some more information there, and just no easy way for a user to get anything out of that website. 

The solution? It’s pretty simple. Make sure the navigational features are accessible to the user throughout the website. No matter how far they scroll down, they should still be able to reach every corner of your website with just a click. Features like sticky headers and footers are a great way to ensure this. The navigation pane of your website will “stick” to the top, all across your website. This way, your home page, cart, contact page, and everything else–will always be right at the user’s fingertips. In other words, please don’t let users get lost in your website. 

Remember! These little points add to a meaningful user experience. And ultimately, a good UX is what will make your business fly!

Hopefully, that helped. The biggest point we wish for you to take away from this blog is the “special” attention that mobile websites deserve. If you are looking to grow your business in the digital world, mobile optimization is pretty much a necessity. And if you have decided to create mobile landing pages for your websites, you might as well do it right. 

Drawing from our experience in this field, we have mentioned the 5 biggest steps that could lead to the ideal mobile-friendly landing page. It all comes down to understanding the expectations of mobile users–and creating accordingly. And if you’ve got some queries on this, just put in a word! What are we here for? At KickStart Solutions, we can make it easier for your business to take over the digital world! Contact us regarding any concerns you might have on this topic–and we will clear it for you. 

Happy business! 

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